ALABAMA: Hooked Several on Umbrella Rigs & Live Bait

Sunday, rapped up a good week of fishing after the rain cleared out earlier this week.

I’ve spent time fishing everywhere from Rock Creek, Coon Creek, and now Goat Island. I was hoping the wind would lay down some, but it was steady and only got worse as the day went on.  We started south of Big Bridge and worked our way north.  We caught a couple stripe in Coon Creek, but nothing to talk about and started to move north.

We  stopped  at a couple places before ending up by Goat Island. We hooked several on the umbrella rigs, before putting them up and getting the live bait out. Hoping to increase our size, but it never did.  We caught fish good till about 10am, then it slowed down and we picked up two stripes drifting live bait  The stripe bite has finally picked up pretty good.  We caught them this morning in depths ranging from 20-35 feet.  We picked both of our earlier afternoon fish up in 45-50 feet.  The wind made it tuff for most of the afternoon as there was about a 15-20 mph wind.  No bass fishing today, pick two slots up by accident on bucktail jigs.  We fished different style umbrella rigs with both swimbait and bucktail rigs.  Bucktail rigs caught almost all the fish.  We used 4″ to 6″ Mister Twisters as trailers.  White was the top color with chart/white, and shad colors following.

Looks like I’ll get tomorrow in before the rain, weather looks good for this coming up weekend.

Mike Walker
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