S CAROLINA: Three of Us Caught around 30 Trout

Fishing in our area this fall has been a little different than the normal bite we generally see this time of year.

Our water temps continue to be in the mid 60’s inland, and we still have lots of mullet, and shrimp and menhaden in the estuary. Normally our water temps are a little lower, and the majority of the bait has moved out.

Our Redfish are not in the big schools that will be prevalent as the water temps fall. We are catching them here and there, but the big bites with double digit catch numbers have yet to show.

Did have an excellent trip last week where three of us caught around 30 trout, and a couple of nice Redfish to boot. Most of my Redfish trips have been under the double digit mark, but look for that to change as the weather cools off.

December could turn out to be one of our better months this year.

Capt. Rick Percy
Reel Chance Charters
p: 803-535-6166

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