LOUISIANA: Caught Fish on Cocodrie Cocahoes Tight-lined

http://Dig-In-Anchors.comToday was the day we had been waiting for and man what a experience for my new customers!!

Seth Dejean, Hab Barton, Michael Doise, and Dennis Doise got to experience the best fishing trip of their lives with me!! Our first stop had the Yellow Mouths coming in steady but not at a fast pace, we made a move and found the fish stacked up. Got the guys Burn Hacking real quickly, as everyone in the boat was slinging in fish from every direction.

My crew could not get over the bite as they had never caught so many fish on any trip in their life. We left the trout biting to go and catch a few reds. The guys caught a total of 7 and kept 5. One nice big fat flounder also made the box. I think I spoiled them!! LOL Good times for sure and they left with tons of knowledge to use in the future.

We caught fish on Cocodrie Cocahoes tight-lined and under a cork, and some on swim baits. No live bait needed down in Dularge to catch trout!!

Thanks guys as it was great to see and hear your excitement. Big thanks also to Capt Rodney ‘TroutHog’ Bourque for running the second boat with Neal Cowen, John Cowen, and Robert Drye from Shreveport. They caught a bunch of trout also and had a great time.

The bite is on folks call now to book your trip as there is limited dates left available.

Tight lines

Capt. Marty LaCoste
Absolute Fishing Charters
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