FLORIDA: If You Got the Zartan’s I Got the Flounder

The St Petersburg flounder fishing report has been plenty of flounder and big ones to boot! Flounder fishing has kicked off a wee bit early this year in Tampa Bay! If the November flounder fishing is a harbinger of things to come in January & Febuary, Bay area flounder fishermen are in for a “reel” treat!

Doormat size flounder have been the rule and not the exception. It seems everyone has a big flounder story to tell. Ours was a 25 incher caught on a chunk of ladyfish while fishing for redfish west of Tarpon Key. A report from O’Neils Marina tells of a 28 incher caught last week around Boca Ceiaga Bay. Tampa fishing guides Captain Jeremy Heimes & Captain Mike Murray have similar tales of big flounder. So, where did all these fat flat fish come from? Heck if I know, but we are delighted to have ’em!

Traditionally, a flounder over 20 inches is some what of rarity in Tampa Bay. Tampa flounder are typically smaller than those caught on the East Coast and we don’t catch the numbers they do either. Most flounder caught here in the Bay Area are by-cathches boated by trout and redfish anglers. However, things have been changing and the flounder fishing has gotten better and better in Tampa Bay.

Flounder fishing in St Pete is something not often talked about, but it should be, There aint a finer eating fish and the Tampa flounder fishery has come a long way in the past ten years. So, get out there and get- urrrr done or call Captain Sean & I will show you how!

If you got the Zartan’s I got the flounder.

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