FLORIDA: Good Sized Speckled Trout Willing to Eat Small Gulp Lures on Jigheads

Only one day this week at Flamingo.

Fishing local angler Larry Silver and his guest, Rich, we quickly found a spot in Whitewater Bay that held small redfish, and very good sized speckled trout willing to eat small Gulp lures on jigheads, all under the watchful eye of a bald eagle.

Normally eagles won’t let you get very close before flying away but this bird allowed us within fifty feet and just sat on a low branch watching the action. I think it’s feathers needed drying out so it just wasn’t ready to start the day…. We then ran out to the rivers just inside the Gulf coast to find large trout, ladyfish, small and medium mackeral, and a large bluefish (large for our area at about 3lbs…) -then it was out to the coast for some solid redfish action north of the Shark river area… Just before heading that way we found plenty of white bait and one toss of the net loaded the live well.

A three or four mile run later, we set up at a nice creek mouth that was just beginning to fall. From that point on it was redfish after redfish (with a few large and grumpy sharks in between). The smaller sized under slot and barely slot fish ate either small jigs or white baits. The larger reds all went for a fresh cut ladyfish meal… Here’s two pics of the bigger fish…

Both Larry and Rich took turns catching and releasing a total of around a dozen reds at this one spot. When the action slowed it was off to another area -this time for grouper. With only one small grouper this day we didn’t exactly do very well with them.. The large trout and very nice reds made up for it, though. Since Larry needed to be on the way home a bit early we cut the day short.

This particular pattern should last another few days since there doesn’t seem to be a cold front in sight. If the wind will lay down a bit I’m sure we’ll be adding tarpon to the mix….

Capt. Bob LeMay
p: 954-435-5666

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