ALABAMA: We Used Umbrella Rigs & Live Bite, Bite was Steady All Morning

After spending Wednesday and Friday chasing stripe, it’s been a good fishing.

While on Wednesday we caught bigger stripes, Friday was all about numbers. We used umbrella rigs and live bite, the bite was steady all morning. Alex, an 8 year old hooked his first stripe and caught a double on Friday. But he also had fun playing with the bait. We caught most of our fish 25-30 deep. While picking up a couple around 40 feet deep on live bait. We also caught several nice bass, most were caught on jerkbaits and scroungers. Bass busted off and on all Friday morning. I’ve been fishing within 4 miles of big bridge the last couple day and will continue tomorrow on my other trip.

Wednesday and Friday both were good trips, with good people.

Mike Walker
Fishing 24/7 Guide Sevice
p: 205-503-2020

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