MISSOURI: Kimberling City – Decent Crankbait and Spinnerbait Bite on Rocky Points

Kimberling City Area:
The bite is still very tough throughout the lake and the mid lake is no exception. Early and late there is a decent crankbait and spinnerbait bite on rocky points adjacent to deep water, once the sun comes up the bite is gone. Drop shot rigged Chompers and ROBO worms in deep trees will produce in the mid day but it is a hunt and peck pattern, fish need to be worked and coaxed into biting.

James River:
The upper end of the James has been the most productive portion of the river. From Flt creek on up there is a decent shallow crankbait bit early and late around laydowns and stump rows. Once the sun rises switch to the steeper side of the creek or river and pitch Jewel Eakins jig and craw combos to laydowns and wood cover. The dock bite in the mid James has been coming on some, Jewel jigs and Chompers tubes are producing on shady docks ten to fifteen feet deep.

White River:
The White River has been as tough as the rest of the lake, early and late Chompers McCutchen spinnerbaits have been producing on rocky banks and points. Once the sun rises a drop shot in deep trees has been working as well as anything else; Chompers and ROBO drop shot worms have been the best option in brown purple or plum.

Dam Area:
The lower end remains tough but there have been some smallmouth moving shallow early in the day. Jewel spider jigs with J tail trailers and Chompers tubes have been the best option on rocky points near deep water. Most of the fish will be in ten foot or less initially but as the sun rises move out to fifteen or twenty. Still fish being caught drop shotting Chompers and ROBO worms in the deep trees; but just like the mid lake you will need to work the fish to get a bite.

Capt. Eric Prey
Focused fishing Guide Service
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