FLORIDA: Free-lined Live White Baits are Being Eagerly Consumed

Fishing continued to be strong in the backwaters of Naples and Marco Island last week despite the weather being down right windy!

The strong NE winds paired with strong outgoing tides in the morning early in the week caused the tides to dump out rather quickly each morning. That was not the best for our redfishing in the back bays, but the snook made up for it. We did catch some redfish on each trip, but not the numbers that we had been getting in previous weeks.

Snook were stacked up the windy side of many backcountry points and banks feeding well as baitfish were being washed to them by the wind and current. I can attest to the fact that they are making a definite recovery from the fish kill two winters ago, and are more widespread than I have seen since then.

We caught good numbers (up to 30) on most half days with fish ranging from 20 to 29 inches. Free-lined live white baits are being eagerly consumed. We are also running into flounder and plenty of 5 + lb. jack crevalle mixed in to keep lines stretched.

Saturday morning I fished with Michael Morris and his buddy Butch Lee for a morning half day. The pair found a frenzy of snook at the first few stops, hooking dozens and boating fish to 29 inches. The tide was incoming and more favorable for redfish. As the morning went on and the tide rose, they boated plenty of reds. All of them ran right at 18 inches. Not big fish but lots of fun action on light tackle. Here is a photo of Michael with one of the snook…

Capt. Todd G. Geroy
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