NEW MEXICO: San Juan River – Good Fishing with #24-26 black bodied pearl Krystal flash wing midge

As of this morning the river flow is at 800cfs.

The water is clear with visibility around 5-6. The water is being released from the spillway side. The fishing has been good.
The upper areas have been good fishing with a small #24-26 black bodied pearl Krystal flash wing midge. #22-24 red larva’s early am. Black and gray bodied #22 Marks 3m midge, or black and gray big macs.

The upper braids has been fishing good with #24-26 dark gray or black bodied pupa’s, and the above patterns.

The main channel is fishing ok. The main current is coming down the north bank all the way to the T-hole. This is a lot of current, the fish are along the edges of the current lines, along the fast water and slow water seams. Be careful when wading, or crossing the river. I suggest using a walking staff or stick. The above patterns, and brown shammy or San Juan worm, #20-22 gray rs2 foam wings, have all been working.

From Texas hole down to the Crusher hole take out has been fishing good to great. As of late, what has been working for me is a #20-22 black and gray 3M, {mark’s magic midge}, black and gray big mac. and a gray rs2 foam wing. My client did very well yesterday. Dry fly action has been midge cluster pattern in the upper areas. There has been a decent beatis hatch from T-hole down to the quality water take-out. #22 Gray Adams sparkle dun or a parachute Adams should do the trick.

Navajo lake has been fishing good. Wacky worms or beaver tails, fished at 18-25 feet near the rocks has been working good for 2-3 lb. Smallies. The night temps are just starting to drop. The kokanee salmon bite has slowed down with the spawn starting less than a month away.

Capt. Mark Nesbit
Blue Sky Flyfishing Co.
p: 505-634-0582

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