ALABAMA: We Started with 2 Different Umbrella Rigs

It’s been a pretty good week, even with the hot weather we’ve boated some good fish this week.

That continued this morning. I had three guys on the boat today, all from Alabama. They stated that they did a lot of fishing on the coast, but not much stripe fishing. So we loaded up at Ryan Creek Marina and headed south. We started with 2 different umbrella rigs. Both had bucktail jigs with just a little different color pattern on each.

As we got to our first spot, we set our lines out and I started working an area that paid off on Tuesday and Wednesday. But today was not Tuesday or Wednesday, it was Thursday and the fish had moved. I kept working the area trying to track them down, but with no luck it was time to move. Right across from the area we were fishing, there were a number of points and humps. So I drove us across the lake real quick to get a look. After running a 120 yard stretch and looking at my depth finder, I knew we had found what we were looking for. So we putted north and turned around. It didn’t take long…on our first pass we hooked up. It was small, but at least it was what we were looking for. Every pass after that we hooked up, with every fish getting bigger. Our last fish on that spot weighed just over 20 lbs.

After that we got some swats but no commitments. By that time it was 8:30 and the bite had changed. I told the guys that I felt our window had closed. We picked up another small stripe and a bass on two other spots. Today was another good day, just wish it was a little cooler so the bite would extend longer. All our fish were caught in depths from 20-30 feet.

I will start back running full day trips and afternoon trips when the weather starts to cool down. Right now the only time to be on the water is in the morning.

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