ALABAMA: Topwater Baits and Swimbaits to Keep Action All Day Long

I spent all morning and afternoon on the water.

I  got a little of a late start, and hit the water around 8 am. Even with the late start, it didn’t take long to get things going. On our first spot we saw fish busting and hooked up right away. We boated  several bass and one stripe. While I had every bait known to man tied on poles, we only fished two of them. We used topwater baits and swimbaits to keep action all day long.

The bass bite is great, we caught (4) over three pounds.  With the biggest weighing 4 1/2 lbs, caught on a 4″ chart. swimbait. We boated most of our fish on 3″ swimbaits, but were able to boat fish on topwater, off and on all afternoon. We did a lot more bass fishing Friday, but we boated four striped bass too. We fished mostly points and hit on almost every one of them.

What a difference a couple weeks makes, these fish are feeding.

Mike Walker
Fishing 24/7 Guide Sevice
P: 205-503-2020

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