NEW MEXICO: Power Bait, Worms & Spinners Tipped with Corn Working Well

Animas River – The flow is 417 cfs. The river is fishing fair for trout using various bead-headed nymphs, spinners and worms.

Chama River – Upper section flow is 30 cfs. Below El Vado, the flow is 598 cfs. The upper Chama in the Sargent Wildlife area has the most consistent good fishing on the Chama as a whole. The stretch flowing downstream of the village of Chama into El Vado reservoir is low and the water temps are high making fishing very slow. The river below El Vado is open within Cooper’s El Vado Ranch. Big nymphs dead drifted and finished with a swing or stripping streamers is the way to go there. The stretch below Abiquiu Dam typically won’t really fish well until autumn when irrigators aren’t calling for water. The river above El Vado was stocked with 753 rainbow trout last week.

San Juan River – Upper section – Catch and Release flow is 493 cfs Fishing is good but fly choices have become smaller with the lower and clear water. In the mornings, use a red midge larva as your point fly and trail a size #24-26 black or gray midge pupa like a UV flash midge emerger. As the afternoon progresses, change your flies to baetis, such as a gray or chocolate RS2 or foam wing emerger. Small #16-18 ants fished along the banks are also bringing up fish. The PMD hatch on the lower river is waning but, there are some still around from Simon downstream.

Abiquiu Lake– Fishing is slow for all species including walleye with a few smaller-sized fish being caught. Some smallmouth bass have been reported but at best it is hit and miss for them. Catfish are reported as slow but a few bigger fish have been taken in the coves with stink bait and liver.

El Vado Lake – Fishing is slow due to a lot of recreational traffic on the water.

Heron Lake– Fishing is fair for trout from the bank and trolling. Most success has been by Willow Creek along the channel into the lake. Power Bait, worms and spinners tipped with corn are working well. Salmon fishing is good when trolling double whammies, Kokanee Killers and Panther Martins tipped with corn and garlic Power Bait in 20 to 30 feet of water. Best fishing is around Rattlesnake Island and on the east side of the main lake.

Jackson Lake – Trout fishing is reported as fair to good using Power Bait, salmon eggs and worms. Spinners with gold blades are reported working well on the back side of the lake.

Lake Farmington – Trout fishing is reported as fair to good by the spillway using Power Bait, salmon eggs and worms.

Navajo Lake – Salmon are reported as good to excellent using double whammies, super dupers and z-ray in 60 feet of water. Best fishing is from the dam to Francis Canyon. Northern pike are still hitting and reported as good. Try using xr-14 or f-18 lures in the afternoons. Top water gear is working in the mornings. No report on other species.

New Mexico
Dept of Game and Fish

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