MASSACHUSETTS: Cape Cod Bay – Striped Bass Fishing

It’s hard to believe that it is already August. It seems like yesterday when I was staring at an eight foot snow drift, trying to conjure up the best way to shovel my car out of a jam packed, iced over street in Boston.

Fortunately that snow drift did eventually melt as Spring slowly made its way into New England. May and June coughed up some phenomenal fishing. The Cape Cod Canal did exceptionally well, along with some areas relatively close to shore.

July proved to be a bit more fickle. One trip would produce well, while the very next trip was a struggle. The bass were here one day and gone the next. Certain schools crushed baits we threw at them, and then magically shut off as they settled into “lockjaw” mode. Nevertheless we managed to land some beautiful bass up to the 39 pound mark.

And now it’s August, my second favorite month (next to September) to go fishing on Cape Cod Bay. If history repeats itself we should have some fantastic weather over the course of the next 31 days, and some phenomenal fishing as well. I’ll be pretty happy if last night is a sign of the good things to come.

I had the Pennsylvania crew onboard this past trip. Brett, Austin and Ed were up for vacation and hoping to bag a few nice bass for the grill. They had plenty of freshwater fishing experience, and even a little time logged in at Montauk-the “Mecca” of the striped bass fishing world.

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