ALABAMA: We Started with Umbrella Rigs & Double Bucktails

This report is going to be short and right to the point. We killed it, that’s all there is to say.

I have been fishing from 5:00a.m to 9:30a.m. for over a week now. The last couple of days have been packed with action all morning.

My client called me Monday and asked how the fishing was. I told him that both Sunday and Monday morning we caught big numbers for summer fishing. He replied with I’ll see you in the morning. So we met at Big Bridge and left out at 5:00a.m. I told him we should only have a two minute ride and we should not have to leave the area all morning. As we pulled up, my client started singing and clapping some fish song he made up. Needless to say he want be getting a record deal anytime soon, but we both laughed and I hoped the positive mojo would help too.

We started with umbrella rigs and some other lines rigged with double bucktails. On our first pass one of the rods with the double bucktail started stripping line, so I rushed over to get the rod with the umbrella rig. As I was trying to clear the lines, my rod doubled over. We doubled up, so we thought. As he got his fish to the boat, I netted it with a rod in one hand and a net in the other. I quickly went back to reeling and as I got my first look at the fish I realized we had more than doubled up. I saw three stripe swimming every which way. We boated all three, which are in the picture. He looked at me and said 4 fish on the first pass, not bad. I replied with a high five and told him it had to be the fish song.

This trend continued almost all morning.

We doubled up countless times on the umbrella rigs. We caught 70% of our fish on umbrella rigs and 30% on the double bucktail rigs. With the 3 biggest fish come off the double bucktail rig, and weighed between 18-20 lbs. The bite was hot till 9:30 and than it was like somebody turned the lights off, it went dead. So we called it a day and headed back to Big Bridge.

Plenty of fish, no lost lures, and a short run make make for a great day in my book.

Mike Walker
Fishing 24/7 Guide Sevice
p: 205-503-2020

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