MISSOURI: Fish Can be Caught on Jewel Football Jig and J Tail Combos

Kimberling City Area:
Generation continues as power demands require. Current does help the bite on points through out the lake but it has been drawing water out of the shallows moving fish out of the shallow cover they have been holding on for the past two weeks. While the current is running fish can still be caught on Jewel Football jig and J tail combos from fifteen to twenty feet deep around sunken brush and rock piles. During slack current days switch up to a drop shot rig with Chompers drop shot worms on these same points thirty to forty feet deep.

James River:
Despite water being pulled out of the shallowest cover fish are staying shallow on the James. Look for flooded brush and laydowns near the old bank line to be the most productive areas, work big worms like Chompers Magnum Hawgs in blue fleck through the cover on a Texas rig. Make multiple casts to shady areas to draw strikes. Days with current position fish on rock and brush piles on main lake points, target these areas with DD 22’s or other deep diving crankbaits.

White River:
The White River continues to be the most productive area of the lake with fish being caught from a few feet to forty feet deep throughout the river. Shallow anglers are doing well with Chompers Magnum Hawg worms in the dirtier water of the Kings River and the back of some of the larger creek arms. While current is flowing alternate deep crankbaits and Jewel Football jigs in and around sunken brush and rock piles fifteen to twenty five feet deep. Deep anglers are having success with Chompers drop shot worms on deep drops off of pea gravel points twenty five to thirty five feet deep.

Dam Area:
On the lower end the bite has transitioned to almost an exclusive deep bite, Chompers drop shot worms on drop shot rigs worked on the deep edges of gravel points from twenty five to thirty five feet deep. Chompers spoons have also been producing mixed bags of spotted and white bass in and around schools of suspended shad, watch your electronics for shad locations. Further up Long Creek Jewel Football jigs and deep crankbaits have been effective on points from the state line to Cricket Creek.

Capt. Eric Prey
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