GEORGIA: Live Bait, Umbrella Rigs, Deep Diving Crank baits, Spoons & All work this Time of Year

Linesides: Good !!!!

The fishing this week is the same as last week change nothing…. The Trolling bite is starting to over take the live bait bite on Lake Allatoona. The dissolved oxygen level on Lake Allatoona is making live bait fishing tough.

Shad have less then a five minute life span on a hook fish deeper then 20 feet right now. And the window of opportunity for catching numbers on live bait is less then and hour and a half right at sun up.

This is the time of year where trollers rule, and will for the next two months. The key to good numbers in late summer is to be “universal”. And what I mean by this is to be open mined every-time you head to the lake. Live Bait, Umbrella Rigs, deep diving, crank baits, spoons, and lead-core will all work this time of year. But when you combine all of these techniques into one outing the rewards just may out weight you catch. To me there is nothing more gratifying then to catch Stripers on more then one technigue on any given outing……So remember guys this is the time of year you may have to throw the kichen sink at them.

But if they are willing to eat it then throw it……


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