NEW YORK: Dreamweaver spoons, Glow frog & Blue Dolphin Patterns Taking our Fish

The best bite this week on the open water of Eastern Lake Ontario is still brown trout. Work 20 to 80 feet of water. Remember, brown trout have no problem surviving in 60 to 70 degree water, so don’t think you always have to fish the cold water to find them. Dreamweaver spoons in the Dirty White boy, Coyote, Glow frog and Blue Dolphin patterns are taking our fish.

The salmon are here one day and gone the next, which is typical for this time of year. Work the deeper water, 130 to 300 feet. find the cold temperature, 40 to 50 degrees and concentrate your spread there. Troll flashers with atomic flies at 2.3 to 3.0 mph.

We are seeing a lot of lakers in 110 to 130 FOW Many of them are small but they provide action when other fish turn off or are hard to find.
The walleye fishing has strange on Oneida Lake. Many anglers are not finding fish in their usual go to spots, while others seem to be doing well. Some of the fish have moved out and others have taken shelter in the heavy weeds in 8 to 15 FOW. Your best bet is to fish the deeper water, 28-40 ft., next to any structure. Jigs tipped with night crawlers and small trolled stickbaits are working well.

The pike fishing on Sandy Pond is steady but you have to work for them. Pan fish are still providing good action around the shoreline .

See you on the water!!

Capt Troy Creasy,
High Adventure Sportfishing
p: 315-298-2410


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