CALIFORNIA: Stripers Found ‘here & there’ Off of the Pinole Shoreline

The stripers are slowly pushing south and on this next set of big tides we expect to see a big uptick in bass counts.

Emeryville Sport Fishing had three trips out on Monday, and the New Huck Finn put in 12 stripers to 10-pounds and 56 Dungeness crab for 14 anglers. In addition to their live bait potluck trips, the Sundance will be taking a sturgeon trip on Sunday to San Pablo Bay captained by R.J. Waldron. The New Huck Finn put in 8 halibut to 14-pounds to go with 2 stripers to 7-pounds for their 14 anglers on Tuesday 6-14. They have room daily this week for bay potluck, coastal rockfish and salmon if the coastal winds ever lay down.

George Liu of Bay Tackle in El Cerrito said stripers have been found ‘here and there’ off of the Pinole Shoreline with live bullheads. They have been able to obtain around 20 dozen bullheads in the shop, and the stripers have been prefering the small baits instead of cut baits. A few sturgeon have been landed from the banks, but the best bite continues to be from boats in the Pumphouse area. They have plenty of frozen mud shrimp, ghost shrimp, pile and blood worms, and mudsuckers in the shop.


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