TEXAS: Lake Ray Roberts – Most Fish are Post Spawn Now

Lake Ray Roberts is about 1 foot below normal level and water temperature is 71 to 73 degrees on the main lake. .

The water color is lightly stained. Fishing this week is very good. Most fish are post spawn now and good place to look for them is points at the mouths of major creeks. We are catching some under birds and shallow on points with “The Floatin Thing” that I make. Fishing main lake humps and points and ridges in 28 to 38 feet deep with, Cotton Cordell CC Spoons 3/4 oz. chrome color with a Flies-By-Night chartreuse original fly tied 14inches above the spoon for doubles, is where we are doing the best.

Have fun fishing.

Capt. Tim Wike
Reelin Ray Roberts
Guide Srv
p: 940-387-4250


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