GEORGIA: Lake Allatoona – The Bite Really Slowed Down this Week…

Line-sides, Fair !!!! The bite really slowed down this week do to, high winds, major drop in the temperatures and the full moon phase. The river bite is almost over, and should be completely over by next week. The flats at the mouth of Sweet-water Creek, S-Turns and Little River are all holding fish right at sun up and then again at sun set. We are also starting to see some sparatic top water action on the flats out in front of Kellogg’s Creek and also on the flats out in front of the beach at Galts Ferry.

The bite should really get good in the next couple of days. This cold front we just had really made them get lock jaw on us… Look for the top water bite to really heat up in the next couple of weeks. Popping corks with ” Red Roosters ” flies , Rooster-tails or a Jr Spook will all work well on these top water line-sides. After the suns comes up there is nothing better then downing live bait on the edge of the river channels for a mix bag of Stripers, Hybrids, Spots and Catfish in the same locations as mention up above. The south-end of the lake was also producing good numbers of fish before the cold front. There wasn’t nearly as much top water action, but the trolling bite seem to be better on the south end of the lake. The mouth’s of Clark and Stamp Creek and then again in Iron Hill seem to be best when fishing south..

Catching bait this year isn’t nearly as hard this year as the past two years. You still have to work for them, but if your willing to get up early bait can be caught at Little River ” From the Bridge all the way up to Blanket Creek. And then again on the south-end of the Lake in Tanyard, Clarks, 75 Bridge – old 41 bridge and at the spillway. If your looking for big baits then you need to head to lake Acworth. Acworth is holding a ton of dollar bill size Gizzard shad this year.

God Bless.

Capt. Robert Eidson
First Bite Guide Srv
P: 770 827-6282

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