FLORIDA: Fishing as good as ever in Panama City

This could turn out to be the best year ever for fishing the Panhandle and Panama City Florida.

We started out in the spring wearing out the flounder, trout and reds. Then the spanish run started with a lot of little fish, but there are a lot of really big fish this year also. “4lb. Ray” told me today that he has never caught as many big spanish in one day as he did this morning. We had 11 over 5lbs. and a bunch of smaller fish.

I see no change coming in the future with the fishing. There are days here and there when the fish don’t want to cooperate, that’s fishing, but as hundreds of clients know…if there are fish to be caught I will find them. Example…two Saturdays back when Leah caught three big trout word around the docks were the fish were not biting…not true…just have to find the fish that want to eat.

That’s why you go with me, that and all the photo’s I post.

Capt. James Pic
p: 850-215-5578


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