FLORIDA: EP Minnow Patterns in White with Green Backs Did the Trick

I had the pleasure of spending the week with two groups of anglers who made the trek to Naples for several days of fly fishing. We fished both mornings and evenings and although the tarpon seemed to go on holiday somewhere else, we managed to get quite a few snook and a few redfish the bend the rods.

Weak tides early in the week made the snook a little less than aggressive during the daylight hours, but Blackwell Smith and his cousin David Patten of Chattanooga had a blast with some sight fishing along the beach of Keewaydin Island. Aside from the sight fishing, we found the fish most active at sunrise and sunset with flurries of feeding fish blasting bait schools near the passes. The dock lights proved to be very productive as usual.

Here is a shot of Blackwell and his wife Dana with a nice fly caught snook after dark…

George Maggini came down with some buddies from Cincinnati for three days at the end of the week and I shared the group with a couple other guides for a mix of fly and spin fishing. Our plan was to try for the tarpon, but as I mentioned before they just didn’t show up in any number this last week. We did have some luck with the snook, jacks and a couple redfish.

George Maggini with a beautiful redfish caught Friday evening before release…

The beach snook were taking small white flies such as DT’s and glass minnow patterns. Along the mangroves, EP minnow patterns in white with green backs did the trick. In clear water along the beach it pays to scale back the shock leader to 20 lb test to draw more strikes from wary fish. A presentation parallel to the beach will get more bites.

Capt. Todd G. Geroy
p: 239-793-7141

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