CALIFORNIA: Ma Nature Came Out with a Bluff on Sunday

Ma Nature came out with a bluff on Sunday 5-15 morning temping anglers in venturing out before she would put down the hammer on their best laid plans.

Matt was at the helm of “Fishy Business”, NorthWind Charter’s new 28 foot Parker. Matt reports they had just five knots of wind when they hit the halibut grounds at 7:AM but within 30 minutes Ma Nature pushed in with 20 to 25 knots of south wind with a nasty chop and they could barely find bottom. With halibut out of the question, Matt then switched to salmon figuring he could at least troll through the slop but two hours of fishing in the south roll resulted in nothing better than having their customers hiding in the cabin. Trying to save face and pride with a long time regular “Jo” and a friend on board Matt switched to rockfish and they got (drum roll) one rockfish and lost a nice ling at the rail that Matt missed. With only one option left they pulled the crab gear for 13 crabs. Matt limped home with his pride in tatters but a reputation intact. Bottom line is that anytime I hear a sponsor call in such a tough day (it happens to the best) it just adds so much credibility to those unbelievable days. We didn’t call Mat for this report, he called it in as do¬† the majority of our sponsors every day.

Gary Blassi followed up shortly after. He also said weather started off great but by 8:AM the winds cranked up going from five to 20 plus knots in less than 20 minutes. They had one salmon right off the bat fishing about 6 miles in front of Eureka and as he said “we caught another trying to beat our way back in but I have no idea how we hooked much less landed that second fish”. Gary was stoked to have had two bites and they both counted. There were a couple of other salmon caught by private anglers before everyone had to retreat. There are days that anglers just have to put in their dues and spend enough time on the water and you will be paid back.

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