LOUISIANA: Insane action on the DU!!!

Woke up to FREEZING temps only to be thankful I was still in bed. Planned on launching at 10 but turned out to be 10:30 before the boat was in the water. First spot had a water temp of 40.6.

Was hoping to find the reds stacked but that didn’t happen. Made a few moves only to find no takers.

At about 2:15 Big Earl and I finally hit paydirt. Reds were stacked. Couldn’t keep them off the line. Made a short move to find the trout on everycast.

Met a nice guy named Brady today. We fishes side by side until he had his limit. It took Earl and I little while as Earl had his typical equipment issues.

Finished our redfish and speck limit at 5:15 and ran to the dock.

Water was EXTREMELY low so becareful out there if you come down.

T Miller

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