MISSISSIPPI: Special Day Awaits You in Beautiful Biloxi

Come on down folks, the water and seafood (fish) are fine! And the WHIPASNAPA can catch these little fish, good as the best of um! Man, well lets just say we’re not getting out enough. I know there was a small oil spill an all, but I hate not being out fishing, catching, boating or just enjoying new and old companions for a day aboard the WHIPASNAPA. Seriously, we use to being on the water at least 5 to 7 days a week and would love to get a few more of these light tackle trips in. Really been pretty successful at them, flounders, specks, reds, spanish, black drum, white trout, and ground mullet have all been lifted over the side of o’l Whipasnapa lately. (And brought a many smiles.) (an stank lots grease)

I started this business mostly concentrating on red snapper, and they pinched us so bad on them, got to be really hard to make it. So bought new boat to run tuna trips and now oil is going to hamper that. But the light tackle stuff is what I was brought up on and have really enjoyed getting back to some of it.

So if looking for the good out of this, I have gotten to sharpen my light tackle skills in the Biloxi Back Bay. But still have some sharpening to do so come on down and help me out!! WHAT EVER IT TAKES; LETS GO CRACK UM;
Don’t forget to get your scores in(Brett will play) go to specials page for details. your next trip aboard the WhipaSnapa could be on the boat ( house)!
Thanks to all that have helped pull us through, come on lets but this tragedy behind us!!!

Capt. Robert McDaniel
Whipasnapa Charters
P: 228-229-6978

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