WISCONSIN: Big Kings are biting in Milwaukee

Charter Fishing Milwaukee customers are enjoying great action on Chinook salmon to 17 pounds.

The best action is four to six miles off shore All anglers are catching fish. You will find Coho, Chinook, Rainbow and Lake Trout steady and predictable. A combination of Salmon and Trout in all sizes are active. Let me tell you where and what to use.

For Coho you can’t go wrong with spoons in most sizes in green and yellow with glow paint. The Reaper Magnum Peacock spoon in regular or magnum is the answer for Sunny days.

For Chinook a spoon presentation of any size in green glow or blue/green on silver will get the job done. The Reaper Fish Fry and Peacock Magnum from Badger Tackle is providing steady action. White or disco 8 inch flashers with green flies is also an important part of the presentation.

Coho are east of the main gap in 90 to 160 feet of water in the top 45 feet. Chinook are in the same area with a deeper presentation of 45 to 100 down on downriggers 60 feet behind the ball. The boat speed of 1.8 gave the best results.

Have a great fishing season.

Let’s go fishing!!

Capt. Jim Hirt
Blue Max Charters
P: 414-828-1094

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