OKLAHOMA: Caught 11 Stripers from 8 to 18 lbs

June 4th, 2013

First day we saw some of the bigger fish that have returned from the spawn.

Six clients caught 11 stripers from 8-18 lbs. Since then we have pulled at least one better fish each day. The keepers seem to be feeding harder each day as the water temperature warms. We are having to move around a lot. I have yet to catch fish in the same place on consecutive days.

Capt. Doc Walker
Southern Oklahoma Guide Service
p: 580-564-5418

CALIFORNIA: Shad Fishing is Good

June 4th, 2013

Shad fishing on the Sacramento river is rated good with the most fish hooked in the afternoon/evening.

The American river should be picking up tomorrow as the water is suppose to be raised which will allow the fish to move freer throughout the system.

Capt. David Mierkey
Rip Their Lips Off Guide Service
p: 209-483-1725

S. CAROLINA: Bite is Hot in the Lowcountry

June 4th, 2013

Had a very good week last week.

The variety is really picking up as the bait has arrived in force in the Port Royal, Hilton Head, and Beaufort area.I did a trip nearshore to an artificial reef early in the week, and a client and I put 60 fish in the boat in a few hours. We caught Bluefish, Spanish Mackerel, Speckled trout, Weakfish, Jacks, and Ladyfish, along with some nice Black sea bass.

Next day had a 5 year old boy and we put a few nice Redfish in the boat for his supper.

Friday was a Cobia trip, and caught a 25 pound fish on the anchor on live Herring.

Topped the week off yesterday with a combo trip to the artificial reef for Blues, Weakfish, Lady fish, and Black sea bass, and then ran inside and sight fished a 45 pound Cobia.

Excellent week, and should stay this way now for a while.

Capt. Rick Percy
Reel Chance Charters
p: 803-535-6166

GEORGIA: Lake Lanier – Stripers in Usual Spring Locations

June 4th, 2013

The striper fishing has been very good on Lake Lanier since my last report. Our boats have done well on freelined bluebacks, Super Spooks, and on Redfins. There are stripers down south in all the usual late spring locations and a few up north in the rivers and feeder creeks.

We had some great early morning topwater action today. Downlines fished 20 to 25 feet deep on points are also producing once the sun gets up high. Our lake is full, the weather is great, and the fish are biting.

Capt. Shane Watson
Shane Watson Guide Service Inc.
p: 770-889-5549

ALABAMA: Lake Eufaula – Shallow Cover Producing Fish at Sunrise

June 4th, 2013

Bass Early top water bite is exciting, frog’s and spinner baits are working.

The shallow cover is producing fish at sunrise, better if shad are working. The pressure from the tournaments over the past month make working different baits and colors a must. Deep fish are being caught in 18 feet or less. Any type of cover or trash pile are holding a few fish per location. The fish are still scattered in this transition period. As the day’s heat up, they will stack up more. Cranks, Jig and Ledgebuster spinner baits are the trick. Carolina Rigs do not need to be overlooked.

Bream are eating crickets and worms around the banks, near shore cover. May fly’s are beginning to show up, this will start a feeding frenzy near the limbs hanging over the water where the may fly’s are. The bream feeding on the fly’s will attract the bass, making a hot spot for bream and bass fishermen.

Crappie are still biting minnows, more on the drops on creek and river ledges now. Some night fishermen are still catching fish around the bridge pilings and causeway.

Catfish are very active. Jug fishing had gotten very good. Cut bait is the deal. It is especially fun if you want to keep youngsters active on the water. Rig a hook on a bream buster, flatten the barb and lift the jugs with the pole. It is like fighting the fish on a regular pole and you will not lose as many as you do when hand lining.

The days get hot really quick on the water. Be sure and keep plenty of water and sun screen with you. Re apply the sun screen as you sweat during the day. Enjoy the time on the water, it is especially good for building family memories.

God Bless & Good Fishn’

Capt. Sam Williams
Hawk’s Fishing & Hunting Guide Service
p: 334-687-6266

MISSISSIPPI: Chumming for Brown Fish (aka Ling) Cobia & Lemon Fish

June 4th, 2013

As most know we like chumming. Especially for the brown fish, aka ling, cobia, and lemon fish.

Since the second week of May each trip has been fortunate enough to boat a nice cobia some up to five. Most 2 or 3 with the biggest being a 57lber. Hard to mention everyone’s name and where they were from but a big THANK YOU, to all who helped this years bar season to be one of the very best!!! It really does take a large amount of hard work, patience and team work to boat these fish chumming on the bar. With 10 to 12 poles out and couple chum chompers (that have to be stroked consistently) outboard motors and anchors that have to be maneuvered around, once a BIG fish has been Hooked, things can get hairy for sho!!! 🙂

We were very successful thou of all the fish we hooked we boated everyone of them!!! That in itself is pretty dang good. Way 2 Go Team!! Appx. 30 for 30!!!! Most were caught by sight as they came up to the boat following the impressive chum slick we were putting out. A live ell, croaker, catfish, spot or jig was presented an engulfed by the curious hard fighting great tasting Cobia.They really do check out when hooked, some do a lil tail walk slinging their head around trying to throw the hook, some hit the sinker lines an man when that clicker goes off the anticipation an anxiety of not knowing what your fixing to set the hook on is second to none..If it leaves screaming its probably a shark. Its the nice slow ease off when Cobia is anticipated.Then everyone is waiting to see the infamous rise to the top that the cobia’s always do. Regardless of how it happens rest assured the high fives an smiles on the face of the angler and spectators after that cobia is boated is priceless.

I’m figuring the bar fishing is very close to wrapping up. 🙁 We might squeeze out 1 or 2 more. Time to start picking them up out at the rigs and the shrimp boats farther out in the Gulf, as the shrimp season and snapper season are fast approaching. For you curious fishermen, they have set the Snapper Season for June 1 to June 28th. I have about 3 or 4 days still open so hurry and fill them up!!!

Inshore the white trout, ground mullet, have been pretty strong with several gaff tops, a few flounders and reds pulling the strings.

Hopefully Mother Nature An God willing some very nice limits of Red Snapper w/ some’s Mangroves, Cobia, Kings an all that other stuff out there that dares get in the cross hairs of ole WhipaSnapa will most certainly get the complimentary ride aboard the WhipaSnapa too the cleaning table>>>>>>O yeah we set the St. Record for the Atlantic Sharp nose this past weekend W/a 15 and 1/2 lber, 1/2lb shy of the world record!!! Congratulations Steve!!!

Let’s Go Fishing!!!!

Capt. Robert McDaniel
Whipasnapa Charters
p: 228-229-6978

LOUISIANA: Catching Many Redfish in Murky Water

June 4th, 2013

We have been out on the water a bunch the last month, and we have been catching many Redfish in murky water. We have had some days where we really had to work hard for our fish, because the wind has blown so hard. The wind just makes it tough to move around if the bite is not on where you start the day fishing. Sometimes, the first spot we start fishing turns out great, but sometimes the fish are not where you left them, and the wind changes directions, so you have to abandon an area that is holding fish. Fortunately, the wind has settled down the last week and a half, which makes my job a lot easier. It also helps me look like I know what I am doing. We can catch a lot of fish on windy days at times, but wind sucks.

I have sinned a few times the last month and bought some live bait. Minnows to be specific. The wind made me do it. The minnows did their job on some rough days. I am sorry.

The slot Redfish have been easy to come by here lately for my clients who wanted fish to take home, but the big bull Redfish is what most of my clients have wanted. We have been wearing them out. The biggest this week has been 34.5 lbs. with four more over 30lbs. Dozens over 25lbs. dozens more over 20 lbs. When my clients catch a 23lbs. Redfish and say they are disappointed because they thought it was bigger because it fought so hard, things are really going pretty well. Also, when I have to rig up a bunch of tackle every day after a trip, you know you are on the big Redfish. I find that pre-rigging the corks and leaders saves time on the trip.

So, everyone from North Carolina, Virginia, Alabama, Ohio, and Tennessee say they had a great time. The guys from Alabama had one great day, then one tough day, then I cancelled the last day due to all day electrical storms, but they say they are coming back in the fall. Every one sais they liked the food and my camp. Folks like to see the ships off the front porch while having a drink. come on down and get in on some great fishing.

Capt. Shawn Lanier
Fish On Guide Service
P: 225-205-5353

TEXAS: S. East – Black Bass Good on Green Pumpkin Carolina Rigged Soft Plastics

June 4th, 2013

Water clear; 70-74 degrees; 3.05’ low. Black bass are good on green pumpkin Carolina rigged soft plastics, and on white/chartreuse Rat-L-Traps. Striped bass are fair on silver spoons and striper jigs. Crappie are good on minnows and watermelon tube jigs. Catfish are good on stinkbait, shrimp, and liver.

Water clear. Black bass are good on watermelon red and plum soft plastics, and on white/chartreuse crankbaits and spinnerbaits. Crappie are fair on minnows and green/white tube jigs. Catfish are good on stinkbait, nightcrawlers, and shrimp.

Water stained; 70-74 degrees; 0.09’ low. Black bass to 11 pounds are very good on watermelon red/metal flake Zoom lizards in 2-6 feet. Crappie are good on live minnows around brush in 10-12 feet. Bream are good on live worms off piers and grassy points. Catfish are good on trotlines in 15-20 feet.

Water fairly clear; 69-73 degrees; 0.24’ high. Black bass are good on crankbaits, spinnerbaits, soft plastics, and Rat-L-Traps. Striped bass are slow. White bass are good on slabs, pet spoons, and troll tubes. Crappie are good on minnows. Blue catfish are good on shad. Yellow catfish are slow.

Water lightly stained; 68-72 degrees; 1.83’ low. Black bass are good on pumpkinseed soft plastic worms and lizards, and fair on Rat-L-Traps. White bass are fair on pet spoons and minnows. Crappie are fair on minnows and green tube jigs over brush piles. Bream are fair on nightcrawlers and crickets. Catfish are good on trotlines baited with liver and live bait.

Water lightly stained; 69-73 degrees; 1.56’ low. Black bass are fair on watermelon soft plastic worms and Rat-L-Traps. Striped bass are fair on bucktail jigs. White bass are fair on silver spoons and slabs in the river. Crappie are good on minnows and pink jigs over baited holes. Bream are good on crickets and nightcrawlers. Channel and blue catfish are good on trotlines baited with live bait. Yellow catfish are slow.

Parks & Wildlife Dept

MISSOURI: Early & Late Topwater Baits the Best Option

June 4th, 2013

Fishing guides have moved away from sight fishing over the past week, there are very few fish still on beds and the post spawn pattern is in full swing on the lower end. Early and late topwater baits have been the best option; watch for schooling fish and throw Sammies, Spooks and Pop-r’s. Weightless Tightlines UV broken back jerks have been working well when fish drop below the surface, cast the lure weightless and count it down around a 10 count and work the bait back in with an erratic retrieve.

Kimberling City:
Topwater baits early and late have been just as effective in the mid lake as in Branson; fishing guides continue to put fish in the boat with a variety of topwater offerings. When the sun gets up switch to a Jewel Squirrel head or Pro Spider jig and work gravel points from 10′ – 18′ deep. The best colors on the jig have been PB&J or green pumpkin candy match with a J-Tail trailer. On the Squirrel head a UV finesse worm or UV Beaver in UV green red flake is tough to beat.

James River:
There are still a few fish on beds in the James but every day the numbers have been diminishing making it a less viable pattern. Topwater bait have been very effective for Branson fishing guides in the James as well; just like on the rest of the lake watch for schooling activity to locate fish. There have been some very large schools of white bass working early in the day on the lower James, watch gravel flats on the main lake for schooling fish and throw pop-r’s and Webb tail spoons. Several fish have been coming off of secondary points near spawning pockets, Jewel ½ oz. football jigs in orange craw and brown purple flash with J-Tail trailers have been the ticket.

White River:
Branson fishing guides have been catching fish all day long on the White River. Early throw Spooks and Sammies around schooling fish, as these fish subside on the surface switch to a Tightlines UV broken back big jerk and fish it weightless. Once the sun comes up change to Tightlines UV tubes in UV green and UV green red flake and drag the bottom from 8′ – 15′ on gravel points and pockets.

Capt. Eric Prey
Focused fishing Guide Service
p: 417-860-4743

FLORIDA: Panama City – Redfish & Trout

June 4th, 2013

At Back Bay Adventures we would rather let the pictures do the talking of how we are doing on the water rather than try to talk ourselves up.

The Trout and Redfish bite is still on fire.

Top Water in or near the creaks and bayous in about 2 foot of water or less is where we are finding a majority of the keeper size Reds and Trout. No telling what you will get when walking those lures over the flats.

This week we have caught and or hooked Reds, Trout, Tarpon, Blue Fish, Spanish and a Black Tip shark. The fishing up on the flats is incredible. Looks to stay that way for the near future.

Capt. Rob Womble
Back Bay Adventures
P: 850.532.7192