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Dig IN Shallow Water Anchors
Why Pay ALOT for Your

Shallow Water Anchor?

  • No more cleaning Hydrilla, Sand & Mud off your boat
  • No more knotted, tangled ropes
  • No more wearing down your trolling motor
  • Works along the Coast, on Lakes, in Creeks & Rivers
  • Eliminates sore back from constant resetting of your anchor
Once you get a Dig IN Shallow Water Anchor...
You’ll wonder ...
Why didn't I have this Sooner!
Dig IN Shallow Water Anchors
Designed for Fisherman
Who Fish in Shallow Water
Fish Hunters
Catch More Fish
By Controling
BOTH Ends of the Boat
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The Dig IN Shallow Water Anchor is an Easy and Dependable way to stop your boat's movement.
Its a simple addition to any Recreational boat, Bass boat, Flats boat, Kayak or Skiff.

Doug Amos
1000 Island Guide Service
Rockport, Ontario
Silent & Clean
Won't Scare Away Fish
Keeps Your Boat Pointed into the Wind or Current

Easy to Install
Simple to Use
Lite Weight    (Less than 2.5 lbs)
Slides into Water Quietly
Minimizes Drift
Stores Rod Holders or in Clips Provided
Will Fit Most Transom Angles
8, 10 or 12Ft Poles Multi-task as a Push Pole
Anchor in Over 7, 9 & 11 Feet of Water
Won't Damage Grass, Lake or Stream Beds
Mounting Videos
3" Deck Rise Mt
Trolling Motor Mt
5" Transom Mt
Standard Motor Mt
All Mounts - Lifetime Warranty
5" Offset Transom Mount
(Screw In)

For Boats without trim tabs or
Deck caps with overhang of 4.5 inches or Less
10" Offset Transom Mount
(Screw In)

For Boats with external trim tabs or
Deck caps with overhang of 4.5 inches or More
Standard Motor Mount
(Bolt ON)
Bolts on using Existing Motor Bolts
(Installs in 5 minutes)
3" Deck Rise Mount
(Screw IN)

For Boats with SHALLOW gunnels
Example - Triton
6" Deck Rise Mount
(Screw IN)

For Boats with HIGH gunnels
Example - Ranger
Trolling Motor Mount
(Bolt ON)
Bolts on to Trolling Motor Frame
Some modification to Trolling Motor Required
5 Inch Transom Offset
(For Boats WITHOUT Trim Tabs)
10 Inch Transom Offset
(For Boats WITH Trim Tabs)
Bolt On Model
Standard Motor Mounts
(For Owners who Don't want to Drill into Boat)
Do You Like Talking
to Live Person?

Order By Phone Pat Will Take Your
Order By Phone

(386) 308-7745
3 Inch Rise Deck Mount
(For Boats with SHALLOW gunnels - Ex. Triton)
6 Inch Rise Deck Mount
(For Boats with HIGH gunnels - Ex. Ranger)
Bolt On Model
Trolling Motor Mounts
(For Owners who Don't want to Drill into Boat)
Fish Hunter PACKAGES
Anchor BOTH Ends of the Boat
5" Offset Transom Mt & 3" Rise Deck Bow Mt
10" Offset Transom Mt & 3" Rise Deck Bow Mt
Standard Motor Mt & 3" Rise Deck Bow Mt
5" Offset Transom Mt & 6" Rise Deck Bow Mt
10" Offset Transom Mt & 6" Rise Deck Bow Mt
Standard Motor Mt & 6" Rise Deck Bow Mt
Standard Motor Mt & Trolling Motor Mt
If you have a specialty order... Call Us or Please let us know... below
Hi and thanks in advance for your helpful advice. I am searching for a power pole for my husband for Father's Day. I know nothing! I do know that we fish in the Gulf on the flats and his boat is 17ft Capehorn. Will the Dig In work for us and if so, which model and how do I know if he'd need stern or bow mount? Thanks SOOOO much!
Renee D. - Starke, Fl

I came across your site while searching for power poles. I really would prefer your system over the power poles setup. I am a crappie fishermen fishing in the CrappieMasters and Crappie USA fishing circuit. I was wondering if you have some kind of affliate program for semi pro fishermen. I think your product would be huge in our type of fishing setups. I would be more than happy to pass out literature at seminars and display your sticker on my boat. What ever you prefer. I think your bow mount setup would really be a hit with crappie fisherman.
David P. - Houston, TX

I just got a 2011 Tidewater 180CC. Center Console 18ft I have a trolling motor and a 90 hp I fishing in the water way at nc beaches with the different tide 7-8 ft and currents and the waves, what is the right system for my needs. I was going to get the talon and found your web site. I saw you had dealers in SC how about NC I am wanting the best system Thanks
Charles D. - Fayetteville, NC

I'm interested in Bass Boat and Multi-species Boat applications / installations. As the former President of the RI BASS Federation Nation and current officer of my Bass Club, I would imagine several people in my area (Rhode Island / Massachusetts) should be interested in an economical alternative to the costly Power Pole. I'm interested in various self-installation alternatives you may shed light on. I can see one huge advantage to your product in a headwind with the bow mounted system.
Roy - Boston, MA

I own a g3 1860 ccj dlx and have been looking at your product for a couple weeks. I am sold, but am curious as the best mounting options. I like the idea of mounting to stock trolling mount, but wonder how easily that would go doing it myself. Any thoughts or other options? Also I?d like the Fish Hunter package, any recommendations on the stern? I mainly fish on the Potomac and tributaries, just FYI.
Ronnie B. - Martinsburg, WV

Thanks very much. I really think this will be a perfect product for placing my boat perfectly in the the brush to catch crappie. I was seriously looking at the talon but it only reaches down 8' so there are a lot of situations for me that it would have been no use and it would be hard to buy two of them and you cannot mount one on the bow. So when I seen the dig in, I knew that's what I was going to buy. If you ever come out with 15' poles let me know cause I would buy some. Thanks a bunch for making a great product !!!! I will pass the the word around in Ohio here because there is a lot of business to be gotten up here in the north. Your anchors aren't just for them southern boys. Wish you had some dealers up here !!! God bless
Erik B. - Morral, OH

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Dig IN Shallow Water Anchors
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