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Live More. Enjoy More.
We believe that your recreational products and your recreational life are not mutually exclusive.
This belief inspires us to build products that give you the shortest time between recreation and fun.
The Dig IN Shallow Water Anchor™ is a pole style boat anchor.
This (patent pending) product, is the perfect addition to any Recreational boat, Bass boat, Flats boat, Shallow water skiff, Duck boat, Layout boat or Mud Boat.

Dig IN Shallow Water Anchors eliminates sand & mud mess, boat damage, anchor splash, wasted storage space, lake, stream or fish bed damage.

Several models to choose from...
  • Transom Mounts: 5 Inch offset, 10 Inch Offset or Standard Motor Mount (Bolt On Model)
  • Bow Mounts: 3 Inch Deck Rise, 6 Inch Deck Rise or trolling Motor Mount (Bolt On Model)

All mounts come in either...
  • Chrome, Flat Black or Camouflage finishes
  • Each unit is highly engineered with marine grade aluminum with a corrosion free finish

Anchor poles available in...
  • 8ft, 10ft & 12ft lengths
  • White, Black, Red, Pink, Yellow & Camouflage

The Dig IN Shallow Water Anchor System is designed to work on any boat... Everytime, All the Time
Dig IN Shallow Water Anchors
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